Why Bayan

Why to Choose Bayan Group?

Since 2003, Bayan Group have been in long-term partnerships with a wide network of well-established private and public organizations globally to deliver translation services, content creation, and lingual consulting to enhance the global knowledge activities.

We focus mainly on presenting translation services and knowledge-based services and products for all corporations and individuals to achieve their promising knowledge goals. We are proud of the work we do to help organizations thrive to achieve sustainable success and contribute to the welfare of their global communities.

Bayan VS. Others

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Comparison Factors Bayan Group Other Providers


Authorized / Sworn translation Accredited translations in all languages for legal purposes and documentation. Other vendors do not have translators who meet legal requirements.
Industries Served Our expert translators have wide range of technical backgrounds and/or sufficient expertise. Other vendors have limited resources and depend on fresh graduates who lack both technical knowledge and experience.
Languages Covered 3500+ language pairs provided by our global network. Most other vendors cover limited number of languages, usually using intermediate languages, which negatively affect quality.
Translators Direct Translators and editors are directly employed by Bayan. Most agencies use other agencies that outsource to freelancers. It is often unclear who is actually doing the work.
Connect to Translator Client may directly connect to our translators through various means of communication. In many cases, other providers do not even know who is doing the translation.


Offshore Interpretation Our interpreters are globally available and are ready to travel to your event destination. In most cases, other vendors cover only their countries of origin.
SME Interpreters Interpreters with either technical background, sufficient expertise or both. Most vendors rely on interpreters with only language skills, but poor or no specialized knowledge.
Interpretation Equipment State-of-the art equipment available 24/7/365. Most vendors rent equipment from other vendors.


100% Human Translation Translations are 100% human with 0% made by MT tools. Most vendors depend on machine translation tools at different levels.
Quality Assurance [QA] Process Quality control and assurance are key features of our routine translation cycle, with steps applicable to each single cycle gear. Some vendors use only a QA checklist only at the final stage or no quality procedures at all.
Additional Proofreading Applicable for highly technical material or on demand. Only on demand and at extra fees.
Expert Translators Expert translators in all industries and sub disciplines. Most vendors specialize in limited domains, while others take only general domain translations.
Standardized Process Based on content subject matter, a standard project cycle with 7 to 9 phases apply from order placement to final delivery. Most vendors apply limited phases or just one-shot translation.

Service Rates

Price Prices are fixed per (1) word; (ii) service level; and (iii) language group. Pricing strategy is mostly complex per each language pair and mostly no standards and subject to bargaining.
Minimum charge Clients pay only for the actual number of words translated. Many vendors charge for 180-250 words and multiples, with minimum fee, project management fees, etc.
Extra Rush Order Fees Provided as appreciation of clients’ need and optimum service. Most vendors charge extra fees for urgent, over-night and weekend orders.


Service Availability 24 hours/day; 7 days/week; 365 day/year. Either limited to business hours, or available at extra fees for overnight and/or weekend orders.
Production Capacity GNTE [Global Network of Translators and Editors] of more than 3,000 native speaking professionals. Most vendors directly employ very limited number of translators in few languages, while most other providers depend on outsourcing.
Speed Speed is enhanced by using teams with consistent skills matrix. Traditional vendors may take hours or even days just to give a quote.

Customer Support

Project Management Usually during business hours. Usually provided at extra fees.
Service 24 hours/day; 7 days/week; 365 day/year. Either limited to business hours, or available at extra fees for overnight and/or weekend orders.
Multiple support channels Email, voice calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, instant chat. Only during business hours and limited to e-mail and calls.


Translation Memory Yes. Yes.
Glossary Management Yes. Yes.

Bundled Services

Desktop publishing Available in all supported languages & supported file formats. Most vendors outsource DTP in limited languages and file formats and some do not do it at all.
Printing & Publishing Bayan Media & Publishing and sister and allied printing houses are well equipped to meet your needs. Most vendors are limited to translation only.
E-publishing Bayan Smart Technologies is ready to take your content to the globe. Most vendors are limited to translation only.
PR & Event Management Bayan PR & Events and sister and allied PR agencies are dedicated to provide optimum management to your PR and events activities. Most vendors are limited to translation only.


Free students/juniors training In cooperation with various educational institutions & professional organizations. Most vendors are 100% focused on profit generation.
Academic community support In cooperation with various educational institutions. Most vendors are 100% focused on profit generation.
Support to scientific research Exceptional support to academic researchers. Most vendors are 100% focused on profit generation.

Industries & Expertise

Our professionals are broadly categorized into the following divisions

Compliance & Legal Translation

Since 2000, Bayan Translation has been a trusted supplier of professional translation and interpretation services. Top-level accuracy, sharp eye on details, guaranteed confidentiality and fast turnaround deadlines are just few of our service features. Supervised by a PhD legal counsel, our professionals perfectly cater legal translations for:

Power of Attorney | Legal Forms | Articles of Association | Memorandum of Association | Business Contracts | Codes of Conduct | Corporate Policies | General Terms and Conditions | Legal Agreements | Litigation Documents | Official Papers | Patents | Regulatory Statements & Reports

Our list of fully satisfied compliance and legal translation include DLA Piper, Matouk Bassiouny, Barclays Bank, Boston Consulting Group, Earnest & Young, KPMG, Baker & McKenzie, Zulficar & Partners Law Firm

Business & Finance Translation

Headed by an MBA professional with 25+ years of experience, our Business and Finance translators are highly qualified and subject matter experts supported by either business, financial or accounting background. Each translator / editor handles material in their specific area(s) of expertise. Types of respective material and/or content, this division handle cover the following:

Business Administration | General Management | Human Resources | Corporate Governance | Organizational Development | Financial Reporting | Financial Statements | Accounting Documentation | Investment Reports | Investor Relations | Mergers & Acquisitions | Business Strategies

PepsiCo, Unicorn Investment Bank, Mashreq Bank, EMC2, Lafarge, American Express, Landmark Group, FCC Aqualia, Union Fenosa and Vodafone are among our long-lasting clients in Business & Finance Translation.

Scientific & Technical Translation

Fully understanding the requirements of translating a scientific and/or technical material, Bayan Translation has an exceptional team of professional translators and editor dedicated for this division. Our technical translators handle content in aerospace, automotive, engineering, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and technical domains.

As a non-tolerable selection criterion, our technical & scientific translators and/or editors are required to have a relevant technical degree and/or sufficient experience in their specific fields. Typically, medical translation projects are handled by translator(s) with a medical background, while an equine project will go to a veterinarian.

Medical Reports | Technical Proposals | Whitepapers | Academic Abstract | Exhibit Review | Scientific Journals | Book Chapter | Book Review | Chronology | Database Review | Material Excerpt

Our Scientific and technical translation Division takes pride in supporting, among others, Orascom Construction Industries, TMG Holding, Sanofi, Novartis, Pfizer, Schneider Electric, Bupa, Kraft Foods, Halliburton, Oil Search, British Petroleum, Schlumberger.

Technology Translation

As information and communication technology is advancing at full speed in response to ever-growing need for smart solutions in almost all market sectors, our Technology Translation division is perfectly positioned to provide Software/IT localization, website globalization and technical materials and manuals translation.

Supported by the in-house professional team of Bayan Smart Technologies, our translators are fully aware that websites, applications and software localization require specialized experience, specific processes and technologies and true understanding of the subject matter in order to be correctly translated / rendered in the target culture.

Our Technology Translation division takes care of and delivers GILT [globalization, internationalization, localization and translation] of the following:

Graphics and illustrations | Hardware & equipment components | Installation manuals | Mobile applications | Product manuals | Product specifications |
Software localization | Technical specifications | Troubleshooting guides | User manuals | Website localization

Satisfied clients who use out Technology translation include Microsoft, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Samsung, Siemens, ZTE, Huawei, Telecom Egypt, TE Data, Orange, ICT Qatar and Sakhr Software.

Multimedia Translation

In today’s highly advanced technology, multimedia is becoming the king of delivering content in more appealing formats through videos, sound tracks and graphic illustrations. During the past years and ever, Multimedia Localization [MML] has been playing an indispensible role in generating customers, retaining clients’ loyalty, educating the community, and attracting and training corporate people.

Our Multimedia Localization department is well-prepared to take your videos, sound tracks, images and graphical content to almost every community on planet earth.  We have the tech to localize your multimedia in your target culture, rather than language, ensuring top-notch quality of production, accuracy of content and consistency of both look and feel.

Multimedia Localization is a highly sophisticated process with multiple-layer cycle including the following activities:

  • Transcription or script creation
  • Script translation and editing
  • Time code creation
  • Translation subtitling
  • Audio and video production
  • In-house dubbing
  • Voice-over recordings
  • Animation localization
  • Usability testing
  • Cultural assessment
  • Multimedia quality assurance

Marketing, PR & Communication Translation

As marketing has always been a real challenge for all types of businesses, having your marketing material in multilingual versions is becoming critical. Our Marketing & Communication Translation team of subject matter expert translators and editors are ready to take global all your inbound and outbound marketing materials.

Whether your goal is to attract your potential clients / customers, motivate your people, or communicate with your suppliers and community, we understand how critical effective communication is to achieve your objectives.

Marketing and communication related translations are the most challenging, where a certain level of copy-writing and editorial skills are required to adapt your message to cultural attributes and local audiences. Our team specializes in translation / adaptation of all types of inbound and outbound marketing materials, including:

  • Advertisements / Commercials
  • Online ads
  • Product Brochures
  • Data sheets
  • Corporate Communications
  • Training and E-Learning material
  • Letters & Correspondence
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Blog Articles
  • Company Profiles
  • Presentations
  • Subtitles, Slogans and Taglines
  • Website material
  • SEO: titles, descriptions, meta tags and key words
  • Social media posts, tweets & similar

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