Technical Translation

It is critical to ensure that clients can read technical information in their native language, we only use the best translation tools in the industry, in addition to our highly skilled translators with demonstrated experience in this field, as well as a profound knowledge of what you and your business require.

It is paramount to select a translation service that understands the different types of technical jargon, as well as linguistic accuracy and consistency.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is a delicate and crucial field. Every day, new pharmaceutical drugs, researches or medical equipment are released, and this information must be available worldwide. Our translators possess certain skills and expertise in order to effectively approach medical terminology and provide clients with the best service.

Bayan group offers a specialized translation service for medical texts and documents in all the various fields of medicine.

Legal Translation

Our legal translation services are provided by legal specialists with years of experience; Bayan legal translators are familiar with the terminology, format, and structure of legal documents. Our legal translation services include high-level of accuracy, a keen eye for details, guaranteed confidentiality and fast-turnaround Times to meet tight deadlines.

Our experts deliver flawless legal translations for: Power of Attorney | Legal Forms | Articles of Association | Memorandum of Association | Business Contracts and more.

Media Translation

Nowadays, clients need to have access to products and services in their own language due to globalization. Translating your business website and software is essential, and may ensure that you access the broadest market possible, increasing profitability and reducing customer misunderstanding problems.

Whatever the size of your localization project, our team of experts is ready to assist you.

Business Translation

As you expand into new markets around the world, accurate business communication is essential to your company’s income and success. Our business and finance translators are highly experienced with a background in business, finance, or accounting.

Each translator works on materials relevant to their specialty to ensure the delivery of high-quality translation in a timely manner.


In transcreation, nuances of the languages are crucial, and literal translations are unlikely to be effective. The term “transcreation” is a mash-up of two words: “translation,” which refers to the process of translating text into another language, and “creation,” which refers to the process of generating something unique.

This creative approach is assisted by our linguistic experts, who are specialized in the linguistic and cultural characteristics of your target market; and will deliver every phase of the transcreation process accurately and on time.

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