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Arabic Business Templates [Namazej]

We develop a wide variety of professional business template options in Arabic for your next projects. Bayan Group help you to manage your business properly with customized templates that are packed with many useful items that fit any business or brand.

Those ready to use templates can be utilized for different purposes, for example, business plan, feasibility studies, and much more.

Politics Knowledge Bank

The platform aims to enrich the political culture within the public all over the world by sharing knowledge and awareness about the political systems and institutions in the international arena. It also encourages the individuals and entities to deeply and constructively engage in the political process.

Moreover, it creates two-way interactions between the governing and legislative organizations and the citizens to figure out everybody’s rights and duties.

Riyada Knowledge Bank

It offers essential tips about how to get into the entrepreneurial life and walks you through the practical skills required throughout the entrepreneurial journey to hit the jackpot in your next business adventure. It also helps you transform your brilliant ideas into fully operational business and thus make it.

You can also explore the detailed lives of several aspiring entrepreneurs in the world to learn from their own experiences.

Professional Communities

Bayan Group curated this interactive platform for the specialized professionals to share expertise and work in a collaborative way with their peers. Additionally, this platform deepens the relationships among like-minded industry affiliates.

It focuses on sharing the best practices and broadens the professional scope in niche domains.

American Empire Encyclopedia

It presents well-researched American topics and the complexities about its policies and decision-making protocols from strategic horizons, including politics, society, military, and economics among others, as well as their transformative impacts on the rest of the world.

It also focuses on the important changes occurring in America that can have dramatic spillover effects on the world at the same time.

Mediterranean Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is a leading comprehensive and updated source of in-depth research and studies about the Mediterranean region, as well as the political, economic, societal, historic, and cultural relations within the bloc. Further, it shows expert debates about the Mediterranean countries issues like illegal immigration and maritime border disputes.

It also analyses the opportunities and challenges arising across the basin and key findings for a better and stable future for the Mediterranean region.

Africa Encyclopedia

The platform, as the name indicates, delivers fact-based insights and key knowledge about the current era and the bright future of the African continent as a promising marketplace for digital transformation and inclusive economic growth.

It serves as a much needed reference resource for academics,  public officials, community organizations, and individuals interested in the African affairs.

Arab Gulf Encyclopedia

It debates and discusses hot topics about the Arab Gulf states and the geopolitical order in the region, especially in the areas of water scarcity, climate change, economic diversification, growing security threats, and foreign policy at all levels.

The encyclopedia offers also a series of reflections about the best possible solutions to major regional issues by renowned specialized think tanks.

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