Knowledge Academy

Knowledge Academy

Bayan Business Academy

Bayan Business Academy provides an exceptional learning experience with programs for individuals and organizations designed to help people and businesses expand their global perspective and take their activities to the next level

Bayan Group offer a variety of courses, workshops, and sessions dedicated to corporations and individuals in different specialties such as business, leadership, and management.

Bayan Media Academy

We provide a wide selection of interactive media training courses and seminars designed to help media professionals and newcomers learn practical and applicable skills in journalism, media, advertising, public relations, electronic journalism, radio, and television.

All training programs are provided by industry specialists and recognized by the Middle East’s most respected media and television organizations.

Bayan Arabic & Shariah Academy

Bayan Arabic & Shariah Academy is a knowledge and culture initiative launched by Bayan Group that aims to teach Arabic and Islamic Shariah sciences to non-native Arabic-speaking Muslims in a modern manner, utilizing the most advanced online learning technologies. Its educational programs are fully drawn from Al Azhar’s educational system, which is the leading hub for teaching Arabic and moderate Shariah.

In addition, Al Azhar’s academic faculty teach courses at the academy, backed by extensive experience in educating students from many cultures around the world.

Bayan Language Academy

Bayan Group have launched the language academy to provide a variety of interactive courses in various foreign languages suited for all proficiency levels and age groups, with special course packages for the organizations and individuals. We introduce online and offline classes to prepare you for TOEFL, IELTS, and TESL exams in collaboration with many foreign language specialists and institutes across the world.

Bayan Language Academy offers language courses with certified accreditations from the world’s most prestigious language institutes.

Bayan Technology Academy

We have developed Bayan Technology Academy to deliver a wide range of in-demand technology training programs such as advanced technology, programming, data protection, IT security, and more. Bayan Group provide certified courses with authentic accreditation from the world’s top IT businesses. We also focus on upskilling businesses and individuals to meet the world’s rapidly expanding technological demands.

Furthermore, we provide participants with the most recent technological knowledge in order for them to pioneer and land amazing careers in technology, with a total commitment to excellence in learning and training and full integration into the present technological revolution.

Bayan Design Academy

Bayan Design Academy, a leading industry body for professional design, advocates modern design and designers globally. We exist to help professional designers in succeeding in business and having a good time at work. We connect designers with the individuals and organizations who hire, commission, support, and promote designers. As a result, our membership includes both design practitioners and design industry players.

Our other members include individuals and organizations who understand the importance of design to cultural identity and economy. They include manufacturers, those who commission and hire designers, and non-design professionals who are involved in design practices.

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