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Knowledge and technology are highly considered as the key strategic cornerstones to pave the way for sustainable and progressive development for different sectors across the globe like businesses, government, and individuals.

Knowledge Production

Knowledge Production

Producing development-driven forms of knowledge.

We use state-of-the-art techniques to produce knowledge products for both digital and print publishing ranging from books, encyclopedias, documentaries, and information portals to industry-specific platforms.

Knowledge Services

Providing multilingual, world-class knowledge services.

Since inception in 2003, Bayan Group provide global leading clients with top-notch integrated knowledge-related services including multilingual content development and management, translation and localization, interpretation, and publishing.

Bayan group for knowledge enterprise

Knowledge Enterprises

Creating life-changing knowledge projects & initiatives.

Bayan Group are highly equipped with the vision, people and technology to build, operate and manage knowledge enterprises in partnership with leading organizations from different industries.

Bayan group for knowledge Academies

Knowledge Academy

Catering lifetime learning experiences.

Bayan Academy offers a wide range of courses and workshops covering critical domains such as business, media, and Islamic Sharia, in collaboration with well-known specialists and consultants, and with globally recognized accreditation from governmental and international bodies.

knowledge technology

Knowledge Tech

Envisioning web presence, branding solutions and communication techniques.

Our web lab, branding studio and communication catalyst are powered by latest technologies and creative team of experts to provide innovative technology and digital solutions and products to enrich the communities.

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